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The Long & Winding Road

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Jun '12

Mad Skilz, and its always the other guys fault.

A recent post in a forum that I frequent has gotten me to thinking. First the post was about how he was involved in a wreck hitting another vehicle and how his mad-racing-skilz prevented it from being worse. Oh and of course it was some other guys fault. I find it quite amazing how no […]

Jun '12

Sun Glare

It’s that time of year again when traffic is being held up because of sun glare. Specially if your commute has you going east in the morning and west on the way home. With this also comes the various ways I have observed that people combat this problem. The most effective way is the good […]

Nov '11

We’ve all been there before…….

So there I was cruising along some back roads of Pennsylvania going to one of my favorite amusement parks right around midnight. When I saw them. Blue and red flashing lights right behind me. We all know that feeling, he can’t be after me, what did I do wrong? I wasn’t speeding etc. etc. Well […]