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Jun '12

Belle Isle Indy Car Debacle

belle isle track de-laminationHey IndyCar, that race sucked, get it off the schedule !!!!!

Street races, at best, are not much more then a parade of cars interrupted by several full course yellows. Add a two hour delay because the pavement was “de-laminating” makes for nothing but a frustrating snooze fest. You should be refunding a lot of people and giving a few teams some cash to pay for the damage the track caused.
What a poor showing of what is supposed to be the pinnacle of U.S. racing.

After an incredible race like this years Indy 500,  Is this the best you can do IndyCar? What a disgrace and shame on you for keeping these venues on the schedule.

Congratulations to Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti and the Target Chip Ganassi Team for another 1-2 finish.


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