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The Long & Winding Road

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Nov '18

So Joey wins after his bold statement

Joey Logano, after boldly claiming the week prior that he was in fact the favorite to win the championship. True to the NASCAR way the other drivers put him down and simply dismissed his statement. Fact is Joey and his team are the ones who stepped up and took the championship from everybody else. A fairly big end to what was a most boring NASCAR season. Even the “chase” was quite a snoozer, despite the best efforts of the TV commentators.

Good job and congratulations¬† Joey Logano, and I hope that NASCAR can fix this downhill slide they are experiencing. I managed to get to my very first oval race this year and it was very exciting to watch. BUT, there wasn’t much else to see or do unless you did some sort of tailgating. Maybe it was the venue, but the other NASCAR race I went to at a road course there was a full days worth of things to see and do.


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