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Jun '12

Sun Glare

It’s that time of year again when traffic is being held up because of sun glare. Specially if your commute has you going east in the morning and west on the way home. With this also comes the various ways I have observed that people combat this problem. The most effective way is the good […]

Apr '11

Its been a long time.

Back on February 19th 2011, my car hit a milestone. It 4 years and 8 months old it hit 111,111 miles. That is 1984.125 miles per month, or 23,812.9 miles per year. A lifetime miles per gallon of 33.28. That’s 3,392.54 gallons of gas with  a total of $8,779.93 averaging $2.58 per gallon. Yes I […]

Oct '10

Too old? ………again.

This is another rant about re-testing for a drivers license. Here in NJ as long as you send in your $$$ every time your license is up for renewal, you get a new license. You could be in a comatose state never to recover, but as long as NJ gets your cash they don’t care. […]