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Jun '12

Sun Glare

Sun Glare

It’s that time of year again when traffic is being held up because of sun glare. Specially if your commute has you going east in the morning and west on the way home. With this also comes the various ways I have observed that people combat this problem. The most effective way is the good old pair of sunglasses. Oddly enough this is probably the least used form of sun glare blockage. The next and my choice is using the cars sun visor. While this option will not help with glare off of the road or other cars it does a good enough job of keeping the sun out of your eyes. Plus being one of many that wear prescription glasses, I don’t have to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. The most effective way of dealing with sun glare would be a combination of sunglasses and using the visor. Next on the list and what seems to be most popular is the hand shade. Using one hand to block the sun from your eyes.
Stuffed car visor
This technique is used for several reasons, the person driving may be too short for the visor to be of any help,  specially true when the sun is low in the sky. Although there are extenders available, but I guess that would require some actual thought into the problem.  Other reasons include, well they just don’t think of using the visor or they use the visor as a desk drawer and it is stuffed full of old papers, receipts, pens, pencils, sunglasses (ironic huh?),  CD’s etc… you have all seen this and it may even be you. One can argue the safety issue with this, but that is for another post.  Visor organizers are a good idea in theory, but they too quickly become overstuffed.

The last and least effective way of dealing with sun glare is the eye squint.  The least effective and MOST DANGEROUS way of dealing with this problem of sun glare.  In fact when I see people doing this it ticks me off on how these people could be so lazy and stupid putting themselves as well as others at risk.

What other ways have you seen that people use to block the glare of the sun?


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