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Jun '12

Mad Skilz, and its always the other guys fault.

A recent post in a forum that I frequent has gotten me to thinking. First the post was about how he was involved in a wreck hitting another vehicle and how his mad-racing-skilz prevented it from being worse. Oh and of course it was some other guys fault. I find it quite amazing how no one seems to ever accept the blame for doing  something stupid. You never see a post that says “I screwed up and wrecked my car” Its always the car lost control, or a guy stopped short. There is no personal responsibility anymore.  In his story, it is pretty clear that he was driving too fast into a a known problem area in poor weather. Cars in front of him stopped, he panicked and slid across a lane hitting another vehicle and wound up in a ditch with a bent up car. Then he has the gnads to say that his “limited” racing experience kept it from being worse. Now maybe its the new math he’s using but something here just doesn’t add up. I would think that if you had any type of racing experience, it would keep you from being in these types of situations in the first place. Plus there are many “racing skills” that are definitely NOT street friendly. Drafting is one that comes to mind.

Back to the whole personal responsibility thing. Where did this concept that if I make a mistake, some one else must pay for it come from? Is it the insurance companies when they sue any and everybody remotely involved with an incident?  Or the media that continues to report how the car lost control instead of the driver loosing control of the car. Or is it just the way that the government wants us to think so they can step in and save us from “the other guy”.  What ever the reason it’s getting to be pretty old, so step up people, and accept the fact that you are not perfect and screw up some times. And some times your screw up has major consequences that you have to deal with.

OK Im done ranting.


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