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Jun '12

Le Mans win for Audi, crash for Deltawing.

So the LeMans race for the Nissan Deltawing came to an abrupt end in the 7th hour when it was hit during a restart and sent into the wall at the Porsche curves by the #7 Toyota being driven by Kazuki Nakajima. Well wishes and a speedy recovery to Anthony Davidson after his nasty crash […]

May '12

Spin and Win ?

Well, not quite in the same spectacular fashion that Danny Sullivan did but.. Dario Franchitti picks up his third Indy 500 win after a close call with Takuma Sato when Sato dove in under Franchitti in the first turn of the last lap of the race went under the white line and lost it.  Sato […]

Jul '09

Michael Schumacher to Replace Felipe Masa

According to Racer magazine Michael will be coming out of retirement starting at the European Grand Prix at Valencia, Spain. get the full story here at Racer

Jul '09

Massa doing better then expected

According to Racer Magazine Great news for Felipe and his family.

Jul '09

Felipe Massa’a horrific crash in Hungary.

Felipe Massa’s horrible accident at the Gran Prix of Hungary. A spring fell off of Rubens Barrichello’s car and hit Felipe just above the face shield of his helmet.